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Adelaide Recycled Timbers Middleton is a locally owned and operated demolition and salvage business specialising in timber recycling and removal of asbestos. With over 15 years experience in the salvage industry, Glynn and the team have the expertise, resources and facilities  to help you find what you’re looking for.

We have long recognised the value of the beautiful aged timber we salvage from demolition sites and are passionate about introducing you to our vast range of recycled timbers to give a truly unique finish to your next project  Adelaide Recycled Timbers Meadows prides itself on being an environmentally responsible business, salvaging hundreds of cubic metres of demolition timber each year

Here at Adelaide Recycled Timbers Middleton, we understand how important it is to recycle timber. Being one of earth’s natural resources, timber has many uses. By recycling it, you potentially save money and it’s better for the environment. Recycled solid timber is salvaged from the demolition of structures such as old warehouses, factories, bridges, wharves and houses. The most common recycled material is timber, such as beams, posts, weatherboards, joists and floorboards. Recycled timber can even be better than new wood because it will have already shrunk and weathered.

Demolition begins with the removal of hazardous material, followed by the salvage and recycling of fixtures and fittings, doors, windows, timber and finally bricks and concrete. Adelaide Recycled Timbers Middleton carry a huge variety of timber in both softwood and hardwood. Everything from large exposed beams to common construction size timber, skirting boards, pergola timber, solid timber flooring, timber decking, posts, timber beams, bench tops and furniture timbers.

If you are building or renovating and willing to hunt around a little, you can find high-quality recycled materials and fittings at great prices. Some of the great pieces you’ll find at Adelaide Recycled Timbers Middleton includes:

Recycled timber

• Recycled building materials
• Recycled windows
• Recycled cupboards      
• Recycled doors
• Recycled iron
• Recycled bricks
• Recycled pavers
• Recycled steel trusses
• Recycled flooring
• Recycled lining boards
• Recycled fencing
• Recycled gates

For more information on the services we provide, contact Adelaide Recycled Timbers Meadows on 8390 1096 or contact Glynn on 0421 382 355
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The range of services Adelaide Recycled Timbers Middleton offer includes:

- Timber Recycling

- Demolition

- Salvage

- Asbestos Removal